InSwing Rubber Base

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InSwing Rubber Base

The Rubber Tee Mat Frame is a 1.56m x 1.56m heavy duty non slip rubber frame complete with drainage holes designed to contain a 1.5m x 1.5m Golf mat. When used with this frame it allows any mat to be used as a well drained temporary Tee area. This frame is designed for and can be used with our 1.5M X 1.5M mats and our Golf Rubber Ball Tray.

1、made of durable rubber
2、small holes eliminate water buildup
3、anti-UV,anti-aging and more durable
4、Interior size: 1500x1500x15mm
5、External size:1560x1560x25mm
6、Suitable for any square 1500x1500mm mats

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