TruGolf Home Swing Studio

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TruGolf Home Swing Studio E6 Connect iOS Software, iPhone & iPad

The TruGolf Home Swing Studio is a professional grade golf tool that has many of the features of a traditional Golf Simulator but at a fraction of the cost.

TruGolf Mini Simulator uses the E6 CONNECT Software to gather meaningful real time data, whether you're playing a Full Course, Practice Range or Mini Games- Long Drive and Closest to the Pin.

The Impact Trainer is a weighted swing trainer that CLICKS creating an authentic impact.


The Home Swing Studio by TruGolf makes it possible to learn the game quickly and continually improve from the comfort of your home or on the road.

The sensor captures 4 Critical Swing Characteristics:

•         Club Face Angle

•         Angle of Attack

•         Swing Tempo

•         Club Path

These Swing Analytics are combined with E6 CONNECT’s ball flight algorithm to derive ball flight. As users change and control these data points, they control the ball inside E6 CONNECT. After each swing, a clearly understood swing analysis screen will appear and is color coded based on your performance. Users can interact with their data and see a 3D recreation of their Swing Plane and a graph of their swing tempo.

Setup is Simple. Launch the App, Connect the Sensor, and Start Swinging.

For the Family


The Home Swing Studio makes it simple to learn the game and lose the intimidation. You can share the game you love with your family, any time! The Home Swing Studio combines professional teaching technology with exciting video game style content to make the game of golf more inviting and easier to learn - all from the comfort of your living room.

•         Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced Settings

•         Exciting Mini Games for Kids

•         Flexible Set Up Makes it Easy to Play Anywhere



•         TruGolf Mini Simulator

•         E6 CONNECT software

•         Impact trainer with safety loop

•         USB charging cable

Five real golf courses appear in the software:

•         Aviara Golf Club

•         Bandon Dunes Golf Club

•         Sanctuary Golf Course

•         Stone Canyon Golf Club

•         Wade Hampton Golf Course

The software also includes 17 practice ranges as well as a mini games and online tournaments.

This simulator has been designed to help you work on four key aspects of your golf swing: club face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo and club path. It provides you in-depth analysis of every shot, allowing you to work on your consistency and work on vital aspects of your overall golf game.

iPad Requirements: iPad Pro 1 or later | iPad 5 or later | iPad Air 3 (Current Version) | iPad Mini 5 (Current Version) | iPhone 8 or later

Not currently Android compatible

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