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Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D455.


Stereo depth works in a wide variety of lighting conditions. With its long range, enhanced accuracy and easy deployment, the D455 camera is a powerful tool that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Prior to this new release, the fastest frame rate that the Kinect depth cameras could offer was 30 frames per second. With the release of the D455 camera, it has now been increased to 90 frames per second. This not only enables the capture of high speed movements and objects but means we are performing about three times more depth calculations per second and therefore enables us to increase the accuracy of our measurements and analysis.



The D455 camera increases the optimal range to 6 meters, without sacrificing field of view. The D455 also includes global shutters for the depth and RGB sensors to improve correspondence between the two different data streams and to match the field of view between the depth sensors and the RGB sensor.



The D455 achieves less than 2% Z-error at 4 meters (13 feet) with several improvements. First, the depth sensors are located 95 millimeters apart, providing greater depth accuracy at a longer range. Second, the depth and RGB sensors are placed on the same stiffener, resulting in an improved alignment of color and depth. Lastly, the RGB sensor has the same field of view as the depth sensors, further improving correlation of depth and color points.

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