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BODITRAK PRESSURE MATS Portable force & pressure

Portable force & pressure. For any environment.

Stay on the leading edge, and make performance changes that stick.

BodiTrak hardware suite has options (size, roll up portability, pricing) to best fit your business.

All BodiTrak mats work seamlessly within our Swinguru Pro software.




Ground Reaction Force and Centre of Pressure

Ground Reaction Force (GRF) is the reaction to golfer’s action to the ground.

Force plates are used to measure the foot-ground interaction, one for each foot.

GRFs can be analysed for each foot or as combined force. GRF is an important external force in golf as the angular momentum of the body-club system is generated through the foot-ground interaction using the GRF.


Centre of Pressure (COP)

A concept often misunderstood by many golf professionals is center of pressure (COP).  Pedobarography is the study of pressure fields acting between the plantar surface of the foot and a supporting surface. The most commonly analyzed pedobarographic variable is ‘peak pressure’, or the maximum pressure experienced at each sensor (or pixel, if the sensors fall on a regular square grid) over the duration of the step. Other variables like contact duration, pressure-time integral, center of pressure trajectory, for example, are also relevant to the biomechanical function of the foot. (


COP is the application point of the GRF and shouldn’t be used as an indicator of weight shift. It is the point where the total sum of a pressure field acts on a body, pressure applied by our feet to the ground, causing a force to act through that point. COP applies a force to an object. 


Center of Mass (COM)

The geometric point about which every particle of a body’s mass is equally distributed.  COM measures the “average” location of the mass of a body.

COM is basically one’s balance point. Every time your COM moves, you will have to create a counterbalance to maintain stability and remain upright. 


So what is weight shift?

Weight shift in golf means lateral motion of the weight center (center of mass; COM) away from or toward the target during the swing. During the backswing golfer’s body

COM (including the club) moves toward the trail leg (away from the target) during the backswing.

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